Restaurante - Carta


“Cogollicos de Tudela”, white asparagus of Origin Denomination. “Blanca de Tudela” artichokes, lamb from the Bardenas, “migas de pastor”, salads from our own vegetable garden, Tudela tomatoes, hand-peeled peppers… enjoy high-quality, zero-kilometre products, pampered by our chefs. Their essential flavour, unmixed, pure, will transport your senses to other moments in your life. Savour the luxury of the simple with the exquisiteness of the authentic. Pure, healthy gastronomy.


Let breakfast recharge your smile, warm your heart and light up your day. Natural, homemade made in our kitchen, with top quality products, close by, from here. À la carte menu, smoothly, and repeat everything you like, which will surely be everything.

Restaurante - Desayuno

Swimming pool

Enjoy our pool snack menu. Choose what you like the most, sweet or salty. Accompany it with a soft drink, a craft beer, a homemade vermouth, mojito, cocktail… An idyllic place, a dream, outdoors.